Where to Find Contests and Sweepstakes?

People often wonder … How do other people meet or get so many contests to enter? Here are some answers to how to get these seemingly tough competitions with sweepstakes.

Shopping –

Where to Find Contests and Sweepstakes

Grocery stores and drugstores are great places to find competitions and sweepstakes. One strategy (if you have time) is to shop several times a week at a few different stores. Part of this strategy is not just buying goods or necessities at home, but also getting competitions and sweepstakes. Food and drug stores often have set-up displays that promote competition or sweepstakes. They also often place entry forms on the island shelves that promote specific products. If you have time to improve this skill, you can learn to scan the shelves on a passing island, just by looking for competitions and sweepstakes listed in the product listing.

Radio –

Most radio stations (even the smallest) have many competitions throughout the year. If you are listening to the radio in a car, have a pen and notes written down to record details of any race or sweepstakes broadcast, but please do so only after you have pulled safely to the side of the road and stopped, as safety while driving remains first.

TV –

Try not to watch too much TV, but there are many competitions and sweepstakes advertised with this expensive radio. Keep that pen and paper close by to record the details of the contest or sweepstakes, and the address of where you can submit an entry (or website).

Magazines –

Most popular magazines have competitions or sweepstakes advertised in all publications. Some stories have a lot of ads and sweepstakes advertised. Competitions are not usually presented in magazines themselves, but rather in advertisers’ products.

Newspapers –

Many city newspapers advertise competitions and sweepstakes. Not every day he cares about you. But if you get paper every day, you can improve your ability to quickly scan the paper for competitions and sweepstakes.

Internet –

Yes, there are sites like lot-of-luck.com that list competitions and sweepstakes to make finding it easier for people. It saves them time to do their own search. There are also search engines that can search for competitive sites and sweepstakes or pages, but it is still too late to weed out obsolete sites and outdated, and unpopular links. Even if you open a net from site to site, you may encounter competition or ongoing sweepstakes.

Note – Always carry a pen and small pad for writing, writing any competitions and sweeping details when it happens. We all have good intentions of remembering every detail, but inevitably the many details we are given each day, we simply forget

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